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April 29, 2020by 顧靖傑

Fulijuntuan proudly launches its new generation X11 miner — Unicorn Bolt2. Using the state-of-the-art 365 7nm chips (CLN7FF). Compared with its rivals the new generation Unicorn Bolt2 miner has a series of significant progress in all aspects, such as 500GH/s high efficiency, 1800W low power consumption. Profitable coins to mine an estimated around $30-$40/day profit with the current market value: Imagecoin(IMG), Axe(AXE), Euno(EUNO), and of course Dash(DASH). * Take note: Please adjust the current hash rate value with its corresponding power consumption with respect to your country’s electricity cost to come up with accurate profitability results.

Unicorn Bolt2 miners will generate considerable better ROI, cost much less to operate over competition, and will be the last one standing as today’s mining difficulty increases sharply.

Bolt2 is likely to operate with profit and good re-sell values when other miners become obsolete in the sharp difficulty rise. It gives more than multiple times the hash rate value compared to its nearest competitor.

Unicorn Bolt2: Buy Now

For more information regarding Unicorn Bolt2 please refer to the specification page or click here.

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X11/Dash Miner
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